Ioan Bejan

With over 15 years in the real estate financing and housing policy areas, Ioan Bejan is one of the most seasoned experts on the Romanian market. He is currently Secretary General with the Romanian Association of Building Owners (RABO), an affiliate of the European Property Federation (EPF), representing the interests of local and international property owners activating on the market. In this capacity, Ioan is leading the organization’s policy agenda, with the aim to foster a sound, transparent and stable economic and legislative framework, governed by EU-level norms and standards.

He is also Senior Associate and Country Manager for GreenMax Capital Advisors, leading development and expansion strategy and identifying access to financial institutions active in the region, in support of customer financing needs.

Previously, Ioan has developed finance and policy structures in Romania for both for the private (Raiffeisen Banca pentru Locuinte) and the public sector (the Romanian Government, the Council of Europe). One of the projects currently under his leadership refers to energy efficiency policy and opportunities in Romania for successful implementation of wind & solar infrastructures, meant to foster an attractive investment area.

Throughout his career, he has been a consultant to the Romanian Government in drafting regulatory structures in the areas of commercial and social real estate developments and financings. Ioan has a strong grasp of the public policy agenda, having worked as the Head of Cabinet with the Ministry of Economy and Senior Adviser of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Tourism.

Having completed several executive training specializations focused on real estate financing, investments and housing markets, in prestigious universities in Austria, Germany and the US, Ioan is frequently cited by the Romanian media as an expert in those fields. He has also authored several national and EU research papers that have been published in known industry publications, and often is invited as a speaker in international events. He is a graduate of the Technical University of Iasi, from where he received an Engineering Degree.

Professional memberships include:  Chief Romanian liaison to the Southeast Europe Mortgage Finance Project (USAID); Member of the Eastern Europe Working Group of CECODHAS, the European Liaison Committee for Social Housing ; Member of the South East Europe Housing Network, a Council of Europe initiative; Member of the Mortgage Task Force (USAID); Representative of the National Housing Agency to the European Mortgage Federation; Founding member of the National Association of Romanian Appraisers (ANEVAR)