European Property Federation appoints Liviu Tudor as Vice-President for Eastern Europe

Bruxelles, 28 February 2013 – Liviu Tudor, the founder and President of the Romanian Association of Building Owners (RABO), was appointed as Vice-President in charge with Eastern Europe by the European Property Federation (EPF), based in Bruxelles, the most important organization comprised of owners, investors and developers in real estate, with a portfolio of properties evaluated at over EUR 1,5 bln.

Liviu Tudor has a 23 years experience in business and over 15 years in real estate and commercial properties, and is one of the leading owners of office spaces in Romania. He has been a member of the Board of EPF starting 2011, when RABO was founded. In the last two years, the RABO team has worked closely with EPF to support the organization’s initiatives in Europe.

As Vice-President of EPF, Tudor will craft the regional development strategies and will supervise the organization’s initiatives in Eastern European countries, such as coordinating the current members in the region (Bulgaria and Hungary) and enrolling new members in the organization. The Romanian real estate industry ranks 7th in size in the EU and it will continue its growth trend.

Joseph Houlihan, Chairman of EPF and CEO of Cohen & Steers Europe, declared: “Under Liviu Tudor’s leadership, RABO has become one of the most active participants in EPF’s work with the European authorities over EU legislation impacting real estate. His plans for EPF expansion into new EU member states by promoting RABO-type structures in these countries have been recognized as the way forward.”

“I am pleased to represent Romania in the EPF Board, giving a strong voice in Bruxelles to local owners of commercial properties. This position also gives me the possibility to bring to Romania solutions and best practices from other markets, with the aim of harmonizing the properties sector with EU requirements related to applied measures and standards”, stated Liviu Tudor.

“Having consolidated its position as the real estate industry interface with the EU, EPF now wants to expand into education and research increasing European real estate market transparency. Liviu Tudor’s elevation to the Vice Chairmanship recognizes his leadership in these fields.”, added Michael MacBrien, General Director of EPF.


About Liviu Tudor

Mr. Tudor heads Genesis Development, a real estate investment and development company, which holds two A-class office buildings in Bucharest, with a total renting surface of over 145,000 sqm.

The two office buildings, West Gate (Militari) and Novo Park (North area), built on the highest quality standards and featuring modern facilities, are housing the headquarters of many multinational companies such as HP, Kraft, Procter & Gamble, General Electric, CitiBank, UniCredit Bank, Alpha Bank, Garanti Bank, Siemens, Ericsson, Dacia-Renault, Accenture, Infineon, Société-Générale, Panasonic and many others.

Before starting projects in real estate, Mr. Tudor founded the first satellite communications company in Romania (Digicom S.A.).

Liviu Tudor holds a Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering from the Polytechnics Institute in Bucharest and was granted a patent for applied Electronics. Mr. Tudor attended also specialty courses at London Business School.

He is member of Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) and of the Romanian Association for the Club of Rome (ARCoR).

About RABO

RABO, member of European Property Federation, is the first organization to hold several of the most important investors in commercial buildings in Romania. RABO aims at promoting a uniform, stable and transparent economic frame, according to the current European standards and norms. The organization will work closely with leaders in the field and with initiators of European policies, in order to ensure a harmonized framework for investments in properties sector, new developments, real estate financing, energy efficiency and environment protection. You can access more information at

About EPF

EPF (European Property Federation) represents the interests of all owners and investors in the European real estate market: owners of residential and commercial quarters, developers, commercial centres or institutional investors (banks, insurance companies, pension funds). EPF members own and manage real estate properties that are worth over EUR 1.5 trillion.