RABO’s main focus in supporting the sustainable development of the following areas:

Commercial property

The commercial property sector contributes a significant amount to the economy, employing millions of people and representing an important part of the GDP. Fundamental to this success is the maintenance of a good relationship between property owners and tenants.

We are dedicated to improving the commercial property market. A major aspect of this drive is to encourage best practice standards in leasing and to promote them within the industry.

Financing & fiscal policy

People have always invested in property, whether in their own homes, or through buy-to-let pension funds and other collective investment vehicles in commercial property.

We work with government and other relevant regulators to ensure that tax, accounting and regulatory rules and changes are appropriate and well designed, and as far as possible support, rather than harm, the industry.

Real estate services

Real estate services, from brokerage to facility management, are driving the industry forward. We cooperate closely with members in the real estate services sector to enhance the industry’s standards.

Urban regeneration & development

We ensure that the industry leaders and all other stakeholders work together to identify ways of regenerating our cities, allowing flexible, swift delivery of development to create sustainable projects and jobs.


The development and operation of buildings has a significant impact on the environment, so a move to increase the efficiency of the building stock is crucial to curbing emissions.

RABO’s sustainability focus addresses four areas:

  • Demonstrating the business case for sustainability
  • Measuring and reporting on sustainability performance
  • Improving behavior to drive efficient energy usage
  • Low carbon energy and security of supply