RABO and BIFM continue to organize this year in Romania new training modules for Facility Management

Bucharest, February 6, 2012 – RABO, through RABO Academy, continues to organize specialized trainings for professionals working in Facility Management, as part of the first international FM educational program offered in Romania, in partnership with the most prestigious European institute, the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM). Each one-day course will be held in Bucharest by British trainers with wide experience in FM.

While in developed markets, the FM profession has a history exceeding 30 years, the FM position is still considered very new and has not yet been included in the official labor registry. Identifying the need for specialized training in support of the development of the FM profession in Romania, RABO initiated, in partnership with BIFM, the first educational program addressing this occupation – launched through an introductory course last year and continuing with a series of trainings in 2012.

The training corse offered by BIFM are based on the key 20 competences required for the FM domain and were designed to help FM professionals develop their knowledge and improve their skills. The courses offered in Bucharest provide participants with a internationally-aknowledged FM certification.

The first two modules will take place in May, on the 9th (Essential Communication Skills) and 10th (Building Surveying and Maintenance). Two other modules will follow in the fall period (Customer-focused FM and Energy Management), with the dates to be announced at a later time.

More details related to the trainings, including the cost of participation and enrollment requirements, will be available in March.