Launched in Brussels in April 2011, RABO is the first organization reuniting top leading local and international property investors operating in Romania, and aims to foster a sound, transparent and stable economic and legislative framework, governed by EU-level norms and standards. Its policy agenda includes a strategic vision for developing a harmonized EU property market, combined with practical solutions to speed up market recovery and thus yield sustainable industry growth.

The organization intends to work closely with industry leaders, other local and EU-level organizations, in order to ensure a harmonized framework for property investments, urban rehabilitation, new developments, real estate financing, energy efficiency, social inclusion and environmental protection.

RABO is affiliated to the European Property Federation (EPF), Europe’s leading organization representing owners, investors and developers of real estate assets valued at over 1,5 trillion Euro. EPF is an opinion leader benefiting from great resources and know-how in the property markets across the EU.

We aim to give Romanian property owners a voice in Brussels and brings to Romania the best practices and solutions to the common challenges developed at EU level.

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