Building and Maintaining Positive Working Relationship – The Key To Successful FM Service Delivery

The ability to increase service productivity and team performance is a growing challenge for Facilities Managers across all organisations, argues Steve Gladwin, Director of Nodus Solutions and the course leader for the next Quadrilect training course in Bucharest on 24th September 2018.

During this RABO Academy training program, Steve will explore how the role of the FM is evolving to meet changing commercial and organisational demands, and how adopting a more collaborative approach can deliver significant benefits in the delivery of FM services.

The course takes place as a range of important international standards are being introduced to give greater clarity to the FM role, and to provide more consistent guidance on how service performance can be measured. The new ISO 41000 family of standards introduced in 2017 are expected to deliver major benefits to both clients and service providers, providing frameworks to show how FM can be effectively defined and delivered. These new FM-specific standards sit alongside the ISO 44001standard on Collaborative Business Relationship Management, which is designed to help organisations develop more effective and competitive business relationships. Together, the standards provide an exciting new toolkit for FM professionals working in any size of organisation or industry sector.

One of Steve’s main priorities for the course will be work with attendees on a range of practical exercises to help managers identify opportunities to apply new thinking and methods inspired by the new performance frameworks in their own context, and to prioritise actions. He will also be able to share his own live experience of working with international organisations on the implementation of collaborative working strategies and the valuable lessons learned.

This RABO Academy session will also focus on the importance of culture and behaviour in creating a positive operational environment, and how the role of the FM as leader and manager impacts overall performance.

Specifically it will explore the benefits of building a collaborative culture and how to manage different kinds of relationships effectively in order to avoid problems in service delivery. The session will also provide a great opportunity to share real-life examples to demonstrate both successful situations and failures where lessons have been learned.

This training program has been designed to give you an interactive and enriched learning experience. Building and Maintaining Positive Working Relationship training program includes teaching units like:

  • The Future Role of the Facilities Manager
  • Strategy and Leadership (Team Based Role Clarity Exercise)
  • Different Types of Supplier Relationships
  • Measuring the Analysing the Current Relationships (Team Based Exercise)
  • Understanding why Commercial Relationships Succeed and Fail (Team Based Exercise)
  • Practical Framework for Building Positive Working Relationships

As Steve points out, trust is a key component of creating effective working relationships right across the supply chain, but this can often suffer or break down entirely where commercial relationships are under strain, and where client expectations are out of alignment with defined service levels and budgets. Here the FM has an important role to play in facilitating links between the different stakeholder groups, and ensuring that effective communication is maintained to avoid problems. But as Steve will demonstrate, the key to success in building and maintaining working relationships is about far more than just following a good practice process. Being a successful leader in such a demanding commercial environment is more of an art than a science, and requires a wide range of individual skills and capabilities. Perhaps this is one reason why professional FM is increasingly seen as the career of choice for managers able to rise to the challenge!

Further details about Steve’s course, Building and Maintaining Positive Working Relationships on 24th September 2018 please send us an e-mail at, or call 021.403.41.20.

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