Developing Service Standards and KPIs

Performance measurement is an area to which companies have paid much attention lately. In a facilities management context, there is a wide range of choices in measuring facility management performance reflecting the diverse nature of the field.

While performance measurement once focused primarily on operations, this has gradually extended to a life-cycle perspective: from raw materials and resources, to energy efficiency and the final disposition of goods at the end of their useful lives. Facilities Managers need to adapt to more sophisticated approach for data collection and processes, educating owners about the performance of their assets and correlating with stakeholder requirements.

Defining service standards and developing relevant performance measures for different types of FM services is the subject of our upcoming training course hosted by RABO Academy. Designed to build on the last year course (Managing FM Performance & SLAs), the course will provide an overview of the key factors to consider when defining service standards and developing relevant performance measures for different types of FM services. By the end of this one-day course attendees should have a much clearer understanding of how to shape measures and standards to fit a range of requirements, and how this can be used in their own context.

Lucy Jeynes, the trainer for this course, has over 20 years’ experience in advising on all aspects of service strategy and delivery. Lucy is one of the founding directors of Larch Consulting, an independent practice specialising in FM and infrastructure services. During this training course, Lucy will work with the group on a series of practical exercises to help the attendees understand how to apply good practice techniques for a ‘hard’ service (such as M&E/maintenance), a ‘soft’ service (such as cleaning), and a people-focussed service (such as front of house or reception).

This course will cover a range of key aspects like:

  • Review organisation strategy, business needs and customer priorities;
  • Explore service standards and KPIs;
  • Working sessions focusing on the practical development of standards and performance indicators.

What are the KPIs you should be tracking starting tomorrow? What are the aspects to consider when defining service standards? If you want to receive the answers of this questions and much more, you should register for Developing Service Standards and KPIs training course on 11th of April.

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